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Games List: Project

Things to do at Shark Tank


At shark tank we have a collection of different video games as well as board games that are accessible to all the students at St. Lawrence College. 


Students are welcomed to play any of these games mentioned below:

Board Games:

Monopoly, Chess, Poker, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, Tumble Tower, Yatzee, and many more.

Video Games:

Apex Legends, Fortnite, FIFA 18, Spider-man, Mario Kart, Need for Speed Payback, NHL 18, Madden 18, Mario Kart 8, Super SmashBros and Pac-Man.


We have three different consoles (Play Station 4, Wii U and Nintendo Switch) available, for your personal choice or preference. Some games are available exclusively for a particular console only. 

Coming soon! PS5 and Xbox X! 


Note: Keys for the remotes are available at the CSU's office.

Pool Table

One of the perks of the Shark Tank is the frequently used pool table. It can be used for a quick game between friends, or even for pool tournaments hosted on campus.

These tournaments are events hosted by the CSU to have students show off their skills and a way to earn prizes. 

So whether you want to have a quick game between classes or join in on the competition, the choice is yours!

Other Facilities


Shark Tank comprises a sitting arrangement for the students.

They are welcome to come here with their friends for lunch or breaks.


Students have access to services like Netflix, Disney+, etc. Students can watch movies, TV shows and much more. 

It's a place to hangout, socialize and have fun.

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