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Shark Tank

Shark Tank in Aultsville Hall A115 is your go-to chill spot on campus. Kick back with friends, dive into the latest shows, or just grab a cozy corner with a book. Whether you're working or unwinding, we've got the vibes you're after.

Shark Tank Panorama 3.jpg

Games and Amenities

At shark tank we have a collection of different video games as well as board games that are accessible to all the students at St. Lawrence College. 

Visit Shark Tank in Aultsville Hall A118, our premier student lounge, designed as the ultimate campus getaway. From sharing meals with friends to streaming the latest shows on Netflix and Disney+, it's more than just a lounge—it's a sanctuary to relax, socialize, and re-energize. Join us and transform your breaks into moments of fun and connection.

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