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The St. Lawrence College, Cornwall Campus Student Union advocates for students, provides quality services, and promotes a balanced college experience that fosters physical, social, recreational, and educational growth.

Who We Are

Founded in 1984, the Cornwall Student Union is committed to our mission:​


The executives oversee the strategic initiatives of the board of directors and serve as representatives for the student body. We welcome all queries, academic or otherwise.


Through motivation, positivity and commitment, our creative team demonstrates responsibility in their actions and are always looking for feedback from their members.

Student Life

We get it. Classes, homework, projects, and group assignments can be stressful. The CSU organizes events throughout the year, so you can take a break to relax and hangout with your friends.

Academic Support

Looking for funding for an academic project?

The CSU can help!

In the previous years, the CSU has provided academic initiative support for the paramedic students attending the National Paramedic Competition, to the BScN students for their cross cultural nursing elective in Tanzania, and many more!

Submit your request to the executive team for consideration.

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