The 2020 - 2021
CSU Executive Team

Tori Arnett


Tori is a returning student going into her first year of the BScN Program. On top of her full-time schedule she is a wife and mom at home, her son Oliver will frequently be around campus with his mom promoting the excellence of SLC.  As president at the CSU, she was able to start working as the president of the College Student Alliance where she has been to provincial parliament to ensure the needs and voices of the students are being heard. Her future dream job…to work here at SLC as a professor. 

Craig Madlin

Executive Director

Craig Madlin has been the CSU’s general manager since 2014. As well as overseeing the day-to-day operations of the organization, he also the main point of contact for all student queries and serves on the board as an ex officio director. Hailing from the UK, he has resided in Canada since 2011 having emigrated from England with an undergraduate degree from the University of Surrey. As well as being an avid film fan, he supports Arsenal FC, follows cricket and spends a significant amount of time explaining to the student body that he is not Australian.

Craig - White BG - Standing.jpg

Mr. Teeth

Shark, Mascot, Friend

He's a shark but he hasn't eaten a person in a while. He's quiet but can dance up a storm. Mr. Teeth has been with the CSU for at least 10 years and everyone loves it when he makes it out to an event!


Trista Dier

VP of Student Life

Trista is a class president in her SSW program, she plays a supportive role for her classmates. She is a fun loving, friendly, outgoing, easy to talk to person that is always there for her friends, family and classmates. Trista is a big supporter to her classmates, she encourages them in anyway she can. She organizes study groups to ensure friends/classmates understand the class content in preparation for exams.